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Dangerous Food For Dogs - What Every Dog Owner Should Know

Dangerous Food For Dogs - What Every Dog Owner Should Know

Baby Food 
Chocolate, Coffee and Tea 
Grapes and Raisins 
Macadamia Nuts 
All of them are toxic and considered dangerous food for dogs.
Did you know that feeding your dog too much sugar can result in diabetes? I wouldn't feed my dog raw eggs but if he were having problems digesting, baby food would seem like the perfect alternative. Even cat food is bad for dogs because of the high protein level.
What is scary is that several brands of dog food contain meat by-products and meat by-products can consist of ground up bones. What makes this a dangerous food for dogs and something that every owner should know is that bones from animals can damage or rupture a dog's digestive tract and if undetected early on can lead to death. Does your dog have a clean bill of health?
Healthy food for dogs is an outstanding choice when you select dog food. Natural food not only tastes delicious to your dog, but will also benefit its health. 1. The dog's eyes
It's common for a healthy food for dogs to include foods that are high in Vitamin A, such as carrots. Such foods can boost the vision of your pet dog. Furthermore, Vitamin A protects your dog from certain eye diseases. The result is excessive pressure on the dog's optic nerve, which can result in permanent loss of vision.

2. The dog's heart
Just as certain organic foods can benefit the heart of humans, certain substances can improve the functioning of a dog's heart. For example, taurine is an ingredient that is often included in dog foods. 3. The dog's skin
Did you know that a dog's skin is the largest organ that it possesses? Important fatty acids found in foods such as rice and potatoes are oftentimes included as ingredients of healthy food for dogs. Instead of choosing dog foods with additives, consider natural dog food instead.
A recent report on the news got me thinking about substances that are toxic to our pets; you know - the foods dogs should not eat; dangerous foods for dogs.
There are several dangerous foods for dogs on the list.
I'm sure most dog owners are well aware of the dangers of chocolate to a dog, as well as onions. But maybe a few on the list of foods dogs should not eat will be new to you.
Avocado ( great for your heart, but don't give them to your dog)
Coffee/chocolate (caffeine, caffeine, caffeine)
Garlic & Onions (cats are probably even more sensitive to onions than dogs)
Raw salmon (feeding your dog raw food? remember - NO SALMON!)

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